Minimalism and my hopes

This is my first update for my WordPress blog so I better make sure I open with a good sentence to capture your attention. Shit. Can I start again?

Ah well, never mind. Having just watched the highly recommended Minimalism documentary on Netflix, I decided to make some changes and go for it. I’d always been attracted to the idea of de-cluttering but the documentary showed me the massive holistic benefits behind it; way beyond the physical and mental improvements. It’s a lifestyle and I like it.
The main idea is to take you through my de-cluttering process as a beginner to hopefully inspire and encourage anyone unsure. Sitting in my hotel room, and away from home a couple of more days yet for work, I can already think of so many things I don’t need or use.
I’ve a few blogs I’ve already written for my work website which I’ll throw up here as well but primarily I’d love to discuss the ideas behind the Minimalist movement and join in discussions.

Above all, if it’s anything that can make you and others think, then rock on.


Stuart Fenwick (@StuFenwick7)

Motivational Speaker at Tree of Knowledge (@tree_of)